NACDS engages in national conversations about preserving patients’ access to care; enhancing access to newer health and wellness services; and working as partners for stronger and safer communities.

As part of the conversation, NACDS in April 2018 released the “2017 Chain Pharmacy Community Engagement Report” – describing ways that NACDS chain members create value for their communities beyond the health and wellness offerings for which they are well known.



An aggregate look at pharmacies’ and stores’ efforts


Report findings, illustrated with examples, as shown at the launch



Report highlights, in a convenient one-page format

In 2017, NACDS chain members reported:

$650 million

total annual giving

1.5 million

total volunteer hours

The three topics ranked most highly as respondents’ areas of focus in 2017:

1. Access to affordable medicines and vaccines

2. Opioid abuse prevention

3. Diabetes prevention and healthy meals

“Pharmacies serve as the face of neighborhood healthcare every day, and this initiative’s purpose is to describe and build on the ways that pharmacies help to meet the needs of their communities beyond the services that ordinarily come to mind.”
Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE, NACDS President & CEO

“NACDS members live up to the opportunities for positive impact that come with operating a pharmacy within five miles of 89 percent of Americans, and that come with employing nearly three million people.”

Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE, NACDS President & CEO

“In releasing this report, we want to acknowledge the tremendous work underway by NACDS associate members as well – our supplier partners. Many of the highly effective programs to meet society’s needs are accomplished in collaboration with chains and suppliers, and we hope that this report will help existing and new partnerships to flourish.”

Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE, NACDS President & CEO


Collectively, regional and national pharmacy chains bring a personal connection to neighborhoods across the nation. This leads to tremendous effectiveness and potential for pursuing shared value and community engagement.


Chains operate 40,000 pharmacies

3 million

Chains employ nearly 3 million people


89% of Americans live within five miles of a community pharmacy

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